Rocinha Sem Fronteiras Debates the Role of Community Media

Clique aqui para Português On Saturday evening, June 25, in a small church in the Rocinha favela in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, a group of around 25 people debated the role of community media. Rocinha Sem Fronteiras, a community group that gathers once a month to address different topics concerning the favela, hosted the discussion with journalists from community media outlets Jornal Fala Roça, Viva Rocinha, TV Tagalera, and “Our ideology is to emphasize the people, make a difference here… so our focus has always been community communications,” said Leandro Lima, Rocinha resident and journalist from Much of the reporting done by the alternative media in favelas relates to the arts and issues such as sanitation, education, and basic health needs. These are topics the mainstream media in Rio de Janeiro tend to overlook, instead focusing instead on violence and crime.  At the debate, several Rocinha residents said they wanted to read more about national and political news in their local media. They also questioned why their local media did not choose to report on the negative aspects of life in Rocinha. “I think it is really important for us to report on what is positive,” said longtime Rocinha resident and author, Francisca Oliveira, … Continue reading Rocinha Sem Fronteiras Debates the Role of Community Media